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eProcurement ROI Calculator

eProcurement ROI Calculator Is it even worth having an eProcurement system ? Eyvo’s eProcurement system provides a way of purchasing

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Why eProcurement? What’s the point?

Benefits of the Eyvo Procurement Solution eProcurement solves many short- and long-term business issues that revolve around making the purchasing

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Deploy with ease and speed

Deploy eProcurement with ease and speed Once you have assessed the requirements, selected a suitable e-procurement partner and completed the procedural

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Manage your Approval Workflows efficiently

Manage your Approval Workflows efficiently An efficient vendor, proper management, technological excellence, trained staff…while all of these ingredients are essential

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Another New Client in Dubai

Eyvo are delighted to welcome SVS Dubai as one of our latest batch of new clients during September. Specialised Vessel Services Ltd